What Your Dues Do

We all know dues can be costly.  However, do you know where your money is going?  It is always well spent at different levels to ensure the teaching profession continues to grow, and that teachers have a say to what goes on in their classroom. 


The National Education Association – Since 1857, the NEA has been advocating for education and educators.  NEA’s mission is to advocate for education professionals and to unite members and the nation to fulfill the promise of public education to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world.  NEA works at the national level out of Washington D.C. and the NEA Representative Assembly is the largest democratic deliberative body in the world.  The 14,000+ delegates at the RA represent over 3 million educators nationwide!

Go to NEA.ORG for more info.


The Wisconsin Education Association Council – WEAC has been around in some form since 1853, and works out of Madison to represent educators.  Their mission is they believe that together we can maintain our traditions and keep Wisconsin at the forefront of quality and innovation in public education.  They are our legal support and represents the public policy, labor and professional interests of its members. WEAC is a strong voice for its members and for the 865,000 children in Wisconsin public schools.  The full time staff work around the entire state fighting for schools and teachers.  Provides many development opportunities for educators and also is part of a savers club where members can get discounts at many retailers.

Visit WEAC.ORG for additional details.

Region 7

Region 7 is the WEAC region that WAWM fall into.  It covers much of southeastern Wisconsin, including Washington, Waukesha, Walworth, Racine, Milwaukee, & Kenosha Counties.  Region 7 has its own board and makes decisions at the regional level.  WAWMEA is well represented on the Region 7 executive board, and the region has good values, as members are its first interest.   Region 7 has full time staff that work with locals in the area.  They are invaluable to the health of our organization, and a big part of where your dues go.

Visit the Region 7 website for extra


Your local uses your dues to run workshops, trainings, run elections, meet with admin and school board, acknowledge retirees, and give out scholarships.  Without your support, the local leaders would not be able to make the tremendous strides we have already this year.