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Talking to Potential Members

As a member, you have a chance to help your local gain strength and get refunded portions of your dues

As a union, I believe it is important to focus on the strengths of our association, rather than our weaknesses.  One of our great strengths is our members.  We have many great and prideful members who know how hard our union has worked over the last several decades to get the teaching profession where it is today, and how all the hard work put in now will get us back and even stronger in the future. 

It is with this focus that we are putting the opportunity to share with others the reasons your association is so important.  If you get a member to realize the significance of the union and join our cause, we will refund 65% of your local dues.  We see this as a wash, as their voice is worth more than dues.  It is the power in numbers that gives us strength. 

Below are talking points to get you started having those conversations with non-members.  To find out who is a non-member in your building, please contact your building rep, or simply ask;  “Are you an active member of the association?”

 Conversation Starters:

·          Are you better off than you were before Act 10?  The union is working to restore our rights, and without them, your pay and benefits would be even worse.  Private school teachers typically make less than $30,000 a year with no/minimal benefits. 

 ·         How much are you figuring to make a year by the time you retire?  Under our current system, new teachers stand to lose over $300,000 during their careers (the cost of a very, very nice house).  The union is putting tremendous resources to restore that earning potential.  Your membership will more than pay for itself in that aspect.

 ·         Do you think the current pay raise system is ideal for teachers?  The system was instituted to put the power back into the districts hands without any input from the teachers.  The union is working with the school board to make drastic changes to that system to make things fair again.  Your membership will be supporting our team to be able to make those changes.

 ·         Are you working on a PDP?  The association offers FREE goal writing and APPROVAL workshops to make it easy to get our PDP taken care of.  Without the association help, writing your PDP and finding the three people to approve it at all different levels is entirely up to you.  Any resource out there you have to pay for, and it still isn’t as easy as attending one or two of the union’s workshops.  You also get access to the QEI, an excellent resource for working on your PDP.

 ·         Notice how many less meetings and paperwork we have to do this year?  You can thank the association for instigating those changes.  A union executive stuck his neck out to be the final catalyst for the drastic changes that have been instituted this year, and your executives work weekly with admin and the school board to make sure our workload is fair.

 ·         The school board is seeking out the associations help in many areas to improve teachers environment.  Your membership goes to help the WAWMEA make those changes.  The association is in constant contact with the school board and the superintendent to address the changes needed.

 ·         You are offered free legal assistance if you need it as member.  Twice a year you can meet with a lawyer free of charge to discuss any legal matter you may have.  This is a service included in your dues by WEAC.

 ·         If there is any chance you get into a situation where you might be in trouble, as a member, all you have to say is: “If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I request that my union representative be present at the meeting.  Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions.”  Your union representative has a right to be at any disciplinary meetings, and usually admin will not push back very hard if they know you have support from your association. 

 ·         You are guaranteed legal representation for anything involving work.  The association has a full legal team at its disposal to assist you if you get into any trouble at school.  You also have 1 million dollars in insurance covering you for anything happening in your classrooms.  Without being a member, a team of lawyers will cost you in the thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.  That is worth the price of dues alone!

 ·         New teachers (teachers in their first year of the profession) get a reduction in dues.  They are able to get their local and regional dues waived.  This is a tremendous savings for first year teachers and give you protection and help whenever you need it.

 ·         The association has many members trained to help you with the Educator Effectiveness laws, and help you write your SLOs and gather evidence.  If you need help with any of this professional development, the association is ready and always willing to provide you with whatever you need!


If you would like to help add to the strength of our association, and get a member to sign up, you are eligible to get $50 of your local dues refunded.  This is also not limited to one sign-up, if you get two members to sign up, then you get another $50 of your dues refunded!  

To receive this benefit, fill out the form here and send it to Andrew at West Milwaukee through inter-school mail.  Your refund check will be mailed to you as soon as the new member is signed up and verified.  To get a sign-up form, talk to your building rep or click the link here.