WAWMEA Executives

High School Lead Representative
Lynn M. Burke
Phone: 414-208-9194

Lynn has 34 years of teaching intermediate level education for the WAWM Schools. When she entered the field she wanted to be a great teacher, but never imagined she would still be working towards obtaining this goal. Being a classroom teacher, she has been a strong, articulate, and supportive voice willing to fight for many issues. Her past experiences have given her the expertise, skills, and abilities to advocate for her students and fellow colleagues. She has played a strong role in developing district initiatives in the area of literacy and provides professional development at the building and district level. She has also helped to develop and train new staff through co-teaching, collaboration, and mentoring. As President of the WAWMEA, Lynn is involved in district committees to enhance the professional opportunities for the staff as well as provide emotional support through trying times; most recently during the building transition plan and during our most recent referendum campaign. Lynn has also worked with the local school board and the district to help develop a Performance Based Compensation plan designed to reward and retain quality teachers in our district. Lynn states, "I feel honored to have dedicated my career to the West Allis-West Milwaukee Education Community and look forward to continuing my career in the area of Educational Leadership at the building and district level. Without “U” and “I” there is no UNION! Again, welcome."

Vice President
Ann Gerencir
Phone: 414-916-6777

Ann Gerencir has been part of the West Allis West Milwaukee School District since 1972 when she started kindergarten at Madison Elementary. Ann attended Lane Jr. High and graduated from Nathan Hale High School in 1985. Ann began her teaching career at Jefferson Elementary where she taught sixth grade, special education, and third grade. Currently, Ann is a fourth grade teacher at Longfellow Elementary. Ann is an active member of the West Allis-West Milwaukee Education Association as a building representative and is also the current Vice President. She is a member of the Strategic Plan Leadership Team and Longfellow’s Building Leadership Team. Over the years, she has been part of numerous committees, curriculum writing teams, and just about anything that helped to improve the educational experiences for students. Ann has two sons who attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!) and enjoys participating in many outdoor activities with her husband, Brett.

Dana Azzollina 
Phone: 414-313-0598

Dana Azzolina has been a dedicated educator in the West Allis West Milwaukee School District since 2003 at Wilson Elementary where she currently teaches first grade. Dana is an active member of the WAWMEA as a building representative and is also the current Secretary. She volunteers on committees within her school including taking an active role on the Wilson Building Leadership Team to discuss the climate and culture within the school. Dana is also one of Wilson’s Skyward Trainees and has led staff development at Wilson School and across the district in Lucy Calkin's Writer's Workshop. In the past, she has volunteered on various district committees including the Teacher’s Compensation Committee, School District Professional Educator Handbook Committee, Human Resources Practices Team, ELA Committee, and most recently volunteered on the district’s Report Card Committee. In her free time, Dana enjoys spending time with her family and friends and loves to travel to warm places.

Sara Daul 
Phone: 920-362-2011

Sara has been a part of WAWMSD since 2010 teaching primary grades at Wilson Elementary. Throughout her career she has held various district and building leadership roles. She has taught professional development throughout the district in the areas of Science, Writer's Workshop, and Math while also helping to write some of the curriculum. She has also been a part of the Performance Compensation Committee. Currently, Sara is a part of her building leadership team. She values the work our union provides and believes it is an integral part of the culture and climate of our district. In her free time, Sara enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Intermediate Lead Representative
Demetrios Begos
Email: begodbegosd@yahoo.com

After teaching for just over 3 years in MPS, Deme started with West Allis-West Milwaukee School District in 1997. He has since been teaching SS and Balanced Literacy at the 7th and 8th grade level at West Milwaukee. Deme has played integral parts on several district committees including the District Strategic Planning Committee, specifically the Engagement and Culture Sub-Committee, as well as the district's vertical team for Social Studies. He is a part of his building's leadership team and has been an active member of the PBIS team. On occasion, he also serves as acting administrator for his building as needed. During his leisure time, he enjoys playing cards with friends, sitting poolside with family and friends, going to concerts, and watching his daughters play fast pitch softball. He strongly believe in our union and is encouraged that the work we are doing leads West Allis-West Milwaukee to be a destination for future teachers so that we can help achieve academic and behavior/social success we can all be proud of.

Elementary Lead Representative
Amy Graff
Email: graffamy@msn.com

Amy Graff has spent her life in the WAWM School District. She attended Hoover Elementary, Lane Jr. High, and is a 1985 graduate of Nathan Hale. After graduation, she was the high school gymnastics coach for Hale/Central from 1985-2004. She began teaching in the West Allis West Milwaukee School District in 1991 at General Mitchell Elementary where she taught students in grades 3-6. Currently, Amy is the Innovation Coach at Horace Mann Elementary. Amy is an active member of the WAWMEA. She was the building representative at General Mitchell and is currently the Lead Representative for the elementary schools. Amy has always volunteered on committees within her school including Building Leadership, Science & Technology committee chair, Science Fair, and many others over the past 27 years. At the District level, Amy is member of the Strategic Plan Leadership Team: Services to our Stakeholder and the Community and is an active member of the Science Curriculum Writing Team. She is also a member of the Wellness Committee and helps plan and coordinate the Wellness Bowl Bowling Tournament and Autumn Ace Volleyball Tournament. In the past, she has volunteered on various district committees including the School District Professional Educator Handbook Committee and co-lead PDP sessions for License Renewal. Amy is also involved in the community by being the secretary for the Jr. Huskies Youth Football Board. In her free time, Amy enjoys spending time with her family which includes her sons, DaJohn, an 8th grader at Lane, and Phillip, a sophomore at Nathan Hale.  

Membership Chair
Jenny Naber

Jenny has 23 years invested in the West Allis West Milwaukee School District. She spent 18 years at Frank Lloyd Wright as a classroom teacher and then as the librarian. Now, she is the librarian at Nathan Hale. She believes strongly in co-planning, co-teaching, and mentoring. Jenny has worked on various District committees, including the Strategic Plan Leadership Team. She believes that the Union plays an important part in creating a positive environment for staff and students. In her free time, Jenny enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also loves reading!