About Us

Get to Know Your Local Association

WAWMEA is a professional organization that serves as a voice for educators, students, and schools within the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District. We listen to our members and work with the administration and school board to keep the lines of communication open. This helps to ensure that concerns within the district are handled in an appropriate and organized manner. As an educator in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District, you are a part of an organization with decades of history advocating for quality teaching and learning conditions. The WAWMEA is a democratic, member-driven association that effectively represents educators in the district over compensation, and represents member’s legal and contractual rights. ______________________________________________________________________________

Executive Board

President – Lynn M. Burke  

The president meets and discusses regularly with administration and school board members to bring up breaking and ongoing issues that matter to the education of the children in our district. Your president also serves on the Region 7 Executive Board, and is the WEAC Board alternate. This means she works with the two levels above our local to see that decisions made at the regional and state level reflect what teachers are seeing in West Allis. The president is also the visible leader of the local and serves as the spokesperson with the school district, the media, and other groups. The president chairs association meetings, and ensures the functions of the local are being carried out.  Also serves as the chair of the negotiations committee.

Vice President – Ann Gerencir

The vice-president has many of the same duties as the president, meeting with administration and the school board along with the president. The vice president also is vital in communicating with members and serves as the main connect to HR in addition to serving on the negotiations committee.

Secretary – Dana Azzolina

Treasurer - Sara Daul

UniServ Director – Steve Cupery

The UniServ Director is the full-time staff who works for our district (and two others) and is the go-to resource for the Executive Board.  Steve has been working for labor for 30+ years, and is priceless in terms of the support and help he can provide.

Building Level

Building Representatives

Building representatives are the heart of our organization. They are the first contact in buildings and provide information to all our members. They are generally member’s first resource to go to for assistance or answer to questions. Be sure to thank them for all of their hard work!

    High School Building Reps
Central                    Heather Bain and Jill Miller
Hale                        Colleen Stepp and Bridget Geboy-Helfenstein    
Shared Journeys    Rob Tegtmeier

    Intermediate Building Reps
FLW                       Gina Holtz
Lane                       Lynn Burke
West Milwaukee     Deme Begos

    Elementary Building Reps
Franklin                  Kari Rapp
Horace Mann         Brian Marx
Irving                      Scott Greger
Jefferson                Melissa Leighton            
Longfellow              Ann Gerencir
Madison                  Aly Scott and Renee Zitzke
Mitchell                   Lisa Larson
Pershing                 Darlene Moore
Walker                    Amanda Barber
Wilson                    Dana Azzolina and Sara Daul